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How about we use your

How about we use your words:
That sentence, "...sorry, that's just how it is..." has been used to justify a lot of prejudice, ignorance, and stupidity over the years. Hmmm...slavery, that's just how it is!"

Seems you have a bit of prejudice and ignorance as well. That type of ignorance is how slavery got started in the first place, however you come here with the "holier than thou" attitude that many liberals have today. They think they are "progressive" and "ahead" of the others in society who have a more conservative point of view.

It's ironic that in the attempts to bring us closer together and more "progressive" in society, the only thing they do is to bring out more of the silent majority in our state to speak for what they support.

In closing, there are many other states out there who allow gay marriage, and others who do not. If a gay couple wants to marry, they just won't be recognized by our state, and with our mobile population of today, that's easily fixed. Point the car north and start driving.


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