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Can't Stand Bigots & Hypocrites!

Thanks for the laughs folks:
Scenario's 1 thru 3:
1. Man to wife: "Honey, please meet the doctor here that did my heart transplant surgery and saved my LIFE"!. (Later that evening, the wife tells her husband) "Dear, I know that doctor's nurse, and she told me he is Gay". (Husband to wife) "I want my old heart BACK!!!!!"
2. Car goes off the road into a lake, the drowning passenger can't get out. A Gay couple see's this, comes to help, the victim knows them and that they are Gay and says, "Oh No, Let Me Drown!!!!"
3. Married couple in extreme financial need, goes to the bank for a loan. The loan officer gets their loan approved and they are extremely happy and thankful (until they see a photo on the loan officers desk, of he/she hugging another loved one of the same sex.
Guess the married couple applying for the loan, tore up the loan papers, huh?

(Did these 3 examples sound ridiculous to you? Good, that's 1 step in the right direction, but they sound like things some of you folks project yourself to believe in.)

Some of you folks here, making some of the comments you make against people's choice of companionship & love for others, claiming to be God Fearing Christians, are as much in favor of "Love Thy Neighbor" as a one celled amoeba, if even that!
You live in your self centered world, mad about what a complete stranger desires in life, simply because it doesn't match your own, and how many believe the same as you do? Pat yourselves on the back, you obviously do have a following!
You always see comments from people, on issues such as this, in a very hypocritical manner, not even realizing the whole world that turns around you, turns on and on regardless of those that hide behind a book of saying's that are mythological, and stemmed from someone's POV thousands of years ago.
Enjoy living in your shell, but don't try and turn other people's lives into your way of thinking. If you don't, the world will be a much better place to live in. In other words, mind your own business.
One more thing, for those of you that preach religion to friends, neighbors, or on Forums, and then pass on curse words on a daily basis in excited conversations, (and that goes on in staggering amounts) think about how ridiculous that sounds to mix the both together. But I guess as long as preaching your religious beliefs Ok's it, in your mind, it's your cross to bare to others.
Now those of you wanting to unleash your thoughts defending your hypocritical views here (which a lot obviously are), it's your choice and your right. But think about the 3 scenario's I wrote in the beginning of my comments here, and then read them again, and again, and again.
I believe that a person's love for another is their business, and not John Q. Public's!
You Holy Rollers had your shot at comments, I just had mine.
You will get the message, I hope!


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