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This performance- based pay

This performance- based pay is a lot more difficult to figure than the regular public understands. I am a Master's level, and National Boards teacher, but I am not in control of what students I get each year. In some years you can have a group of student who have regular attendance, care about their own education, DO THEIR WORk, etc. Teachers have to teach what they are given and if the child is in trouble a lot or not in class and then they can't learn so they don't do well in testing, why should the teacher have that full burden on them. I teach almost 200 students a day and out of that 200 because it is computers and an elective they don't have to pass so do you think they study as much for my class as other classes, if the state doesn't require them to pass it either. There are other factors too like how a parent is raising their child. If the parent tells the child electives don't matter, do you think the child is going to care or do as well in electives as the core classes. We also don't get to chose what they learn about computers, the information can be boring, I try very hard to encourage my students to do well in my class and I have always had top scores, BUT, I can't say it would be fair to grade a teacher solely on the test scores of the students without looking into attendance, behavior, and student home life, because all these things weigh on how well a child performs in school, which are very hard to measure. I give a state exam every year and if a child is absent and doesn't show for the test the zero is calculated into the class average, how is that fair to me or the class. There are also attendance laws at schools that are not even enforced against the parents but at the same time the teacher has to carry the score? I really think the outside should have to come and work a week at a school as a teacher and get a reality check as to what we really do daily for their children and the children in America in general. Same goes for a police job, ride with a police officer for a shift and get another reality check. As far as NC goes, we get evaluated 3 times a year and IF we don't pass we can be fired, tenure in our state really means nothing. Tenure in Union states is another story.


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