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Scott Lope is FAR from an "expert" on exotic animals. He is merely a front person for an animal rights group HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) and Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida. To learn where he achieved his "experience" with big cats go to Then find out the truth about HSUS, go to North Carolina does NOT want this headache, this state was chosen because of its' lack of regulations and permitting requirements. Currently there are a total of 173 large carnivores regulated by USDA in NC. Tigers total 67 housed in 7 different facilities, Leopards 8 in 3 facilities. Lions 45 in 7 facilities, Jaguars 0, Cougar/Puma/Mountain Lion 2 in 1 facility, Cheetah 0, Chimpanzee 2 in 2 facilities, Bear 43 in 7 facilities, Baboon 6 in 5 facilites. These numbers include the large Zoo animals. As you can see there is NOT an exotic animal problem in NC, however if this organization is permitted to set up shop the problems will soon begin. They will bring in exotics from all over the USA falsely claiming they are "rescued from horrible situations" . They will then depend on donations to feed and house the MANY LARGE animals they will bring into NC. They will then seek to ELIMINATE any other facility (private or otherwise), by attempting to destroy their reputation so they can have a monopoly! You will NOT be permitted to view the animals they take in and will have to rely on what they tell you they have. There will suddenly be stories of escapes (not theirs of course), injuries and stories of mistreatment of animals at existing facilities. Commissioners and congressmen,senators as well as other authorities will be FLOODED with complaints via CAP WIZ urging them to take action! Please look into this before it is too late. I would hate to have to say that I told you so.


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