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You should really get your facts straight!

No one gives up 10 years of their life, 24/7/365 at minimum wage to manage a sanctuary expecting to make money. They do it for LOVE and because they BELIEVE in what they are doing. How many of you are so blessed?
You really think that Scott is reaping in the bucks? Look at all the streaming video, look at all Scott's sacrifices, look at his track record, how he lived his life out of a camper while managing BCR, what he's done for these animals. How much awareness of this problem he has propagated, how much good he has done!
Have you met him? Have you spoken to him? Have you seen him interact with these animals? Have you seen his eyes and his face when he is around these animals? Have you seen the love he has and respect he has for these animals every time he looks at them? Have you seen him down trees and dig dirt to expand the areas where these animals live??
Have you experienced his obvious passion for them? Have you seen the personal physical danger he is willing to put himself in to care for these animals? IF NOT, THEN YOU SHOULD NOT CRITICIZE AND JUDGE HIM!
I HAVE SEEN HIS EYES, FACE, PASSION AND LOVE FOR THE ANIMALS AND THE CAUSE!! MANY TIMES! I believe in the truth of his passion, commitment, determination and loyalty to the animals and their cause. Often the ends justify the means. If a TV show gives his beliefs access to the masses, who are we to judge? The fact that this brings the problem to the forefront, makes people aware and makes people commit their dollars and political support to the cause is NOT a travesty. It accomplishes a purpose.
Perhaps if more criticizers went out and committed themselves as Scott has to this problem, the problem would not exist and some species would not be near extinction. Perhaps others would not be living in squalor and abusive situations. Perhaps these animals would not require human intervention to end the abuse and suffering that humans are causing them.
Life is not always black and white. Sometimes grays have to exist so that THINGS HAPPEN and causes are successful. That does not mean that a person is a fraud. It means that persons adjust to the needs of getting their point across and succeeding in making their cause a success. They are willing to accommodate and modulate to get someone else to give their cause credence. It's called being flexible and adjusting to reality.
If any of you are as successful in your lives and to a cause as Scott is, then criticize. But make sure your commitment and endeavors and track record meet what people like Scott Lope are doing and are as successful in getting the cause recognized and the laws changed and the problem worked on. Criticizing means you can do better. Maybe you can. BUT DO YOU? OR DO YOU JUST WRITE CRITICAL INTERNET COMMENTS? THAT'S EASY AND COSTS YOU LITTLE TIME AND NO ENERGY OR COMMITMENT! WHAT SCOTT DOES IS ACTUAL AID TO THE ANIMALS AND THE CAUSE. CAN YOU SAY THE SAME ABOUT YOUR ACTIONS?!


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