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0 Degrees of Separation

Polling places, however temporary, are acting as an agent of the State. By virtue of this fact, they should be neutral. So using churches as polling places is just a bad idea.

I resent being forced to step foot on the property of an institution with which I disagree just so I can exercise my constitutional right to vote!

Imagine if the next time we vote, we have the polling place at the Democratic headquarters or the Planned Parenthood headquarters. Do you think everyone would be ok with that?

Our Board of Elections should do a better job of insuring the neutrality of polling sites. As for the "other political signs", yeah, they were 10 times smaller than the church marquee and they were temporary, disposable signs and not mounted to stationary, permanent fixtures of the polling place. There are State and local laws that restrict sign sizes and is time we address restrictions against using stationary and permanent structures on which to mount political signs for polling places.

This establishment has non-profit, tax-exempt status. As a taxpayer, I find it morally reprehensible that this establishment fails to remain politically neutral when acting on behalf of the county as a polling place. If Devon Park really had an interest in fairness and promoting civil rights, their big marquee would have read: New Hanover County Polling Place. Vote Here!


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