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Want a little cheese with that WHINE?

Dear Lindsey,
Since no let me repeat NO laws were broken according to the election board you and the NAACP can just go and cry to someone else. Since the church's sign was outside of the electioneering area I guess they were well within the law to pretty much do or say what ever they want too. It's kind of like the people standing outside trying to convince dumb voters to make up their minds who to vote for at the last minute. They have the right as citizens to voice their opinion too. So take your cry baby ways and tell it to someone who cares. Who knows this could have been a sermon topic. Why don't you attend services and find out?
Just another thought. If all of these people that are signing the petition to repeal the Law had of voted than it never would have passed to begin with. Spilled milk! Don't like it then vote it out. Oh, too late!


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