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the crooked cop file

I'll tell you what. There apparently is an erosion in integrity in police these days. From the Secret Service, NC Highway Patrol and right on down to the little guys in Leland and now Fair Bluff. Egos and a sense of entitlement, bravado and a military sense has brought this on. I on occasion have had contempt for some officers. I have seen first hand some of the shenanigans that go on within their ranks. No wonder distrust has blossomed. They are paid to do a job and enforce laws not invoke macho, bulldog antics on the public. It is sometimes sickening. Officers it seems have limited mental capabilities in common courtesy, manners and respect towards the general public, instead developing "look at me, I'm a cop" mentality. Guess what? It will only escalate. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of good police officers out there doing a super job but it only takes a few who by their actions tarnish what the good ones do to protect and serve.


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