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Wake up...smell some coffee and get real!

Ammendment one passed as expected. Guess what? NC was the final southern state to pass the very same ammendment that 30...yes, GET THAT, 30 OTHER STATES have already passed! Starting to ring a bell yet?

In the case that you homosexuals, trans-whatevers, confused "Bi-don't know what we really are." and associated cross-dressers haven't figured it out yet, the vast MAJORITY still do not agree with your lifestyle and do not support it. You can curse religion, you can curse the people, you can curse the state and you can curse God. The fact remains that there is still morality left in the American household. You haven't even come close to wiping that out yet as much as you want to.

Also, if you want to boycott this great state, not work here and not vacation here, there is PLENTY of room up north for you with people a little more sympathetic to your condition. You may want to consider a move to better accommodate your "needs".


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