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"A shame..."? ..."Fanatical rednecks..."?

Das, again your disdain for people that don't accept your unconventional lifestyle compels you to call names and generalize. I suppose that would be a normal reaction for those that fail to accept the fact that this is the final southern state to pass this ammendment, FOLLOWING 30 OTHERS of the same results.

I realize you are emotional now and have had difficulty fitting in with society due to your lifestyle, but you can't blame this on "churches" or "fanatical rednecks". It is simply the great majority of people with morals and with families that still believe in conventional lifestyles and pro-creation (you folk can't do that, remember?). Families still love to have the joys children and grandchildren that don't have to evolve from test-tubes or cryogenic semen banks due to sexual orientation. Sorry, but flagrant displays of homosexuality is still an embarrasment, albeit a fact that some families are forced to deal with. Luckily though...MOST families still do not need to.


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