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I live here in North Carolina....

...but I live in a part of the state you are likely unfamiliar with. It is a part where people don't judge other people by the sexual orientation they were biologically assigned by God. (Your God, which makes it even better.)

It is a part of the North Carolina where cowards don't hide behind their own prejudice, or assign the degree of sin based on their own phobias. People here don't cherry-pick portions of the bible to support their argument, since it also justifies slavery, and a host of other things that are considered 'immoral.'

They are smart enough to understand history, and how the whole marriage thing evolved, as well as how it was crafted to suit the purposes of the time. Marriage now, in no way reflects what marriage was back in biblical times.

Being a straight white male with a wife and kids, I recognize that homosexuality really doesn't affect me, but the loss of any fellow American's basic freedoms, affects us all, since the slippery slope eventually can end up as a theocratical government (like Iran, Afghanistan, etc.) Since I served about 3 decades in the military, I am more acutely aware of exactly what I fought for than most of the chicken-hawks.

Hypocrites and homophobes don't live in this part of the state. The only solace I take today is I know that the ignorance is slowly dying out...and when our maker judges the quick and the dead, you'll be judged by what is in your heart.

It is a very small part of the state. One I am absolutely certain you are unfamiliar with.

Oh and yes...Momma was a real smart lady.


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