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Here's what i find hilarious. This wasn't a victory against gay marriage. This wasn't a victory because there is already a law in place that prohibits gays from getting married. So this is in place to stop them from doing something they can't already do.

What this does is shoot in the foot are the people who voted for it. Hey women, guess what. Now you can't be single mothers. I'll repeat that. Because marriage is between a man and a woman, you now officially need a MAN in your life, legally, to have kids, to keep your kids, and to adopt kids. Should someone in your neighbor hood decide to use this law to take your kids way... kiss them and pray to God that they find a nice married couple to take care of them.

Any Re-married couples out there with spouses who have kids that aren't yours? Ie, a Man remarried a woman who already had a kid. Guess what, you now no longer have the right to make decisions, medically, for that kid. EVER. And God for bit, (and i do mean this, really don't want this to happen to anyone) but God for bit that she passes away, because you are won't be allowed to take care of them. this also goes for you covering them under your health care.

Common law marriages are now out the window, ie a couple living together for 7 years are by law married. NOW HOLD ON A SECOND, don't just cheer yet. This means that All domestic battery charges on a man beating a woman now drop to a minor offense, and for the future, well... better hope they don't get fist happy, because marriage is between a man and a woman and this law says you shouldn't have been there in the first place.

So yeah, this law has really helped the sanctity of marriage, the kids, and straight people every where.
Pat yourselves on the back.


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