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Wait... WHAT

I find this astounding. Someone who voted against amendment 1 posted this.
"You shouldn't spend your time worrying about other people's lives like you can control the world"
This was posted to Grand Ole Party, who voted FOR amendment 1.
Grand Ole Party had this to say "I agree with you, so stop worrying about our lives."

Grand Ole Party, while I don't normally resort to insults and name calling, i gotta say the level of your hypocrisy is astounding (really really big, like that fish that got away that one time) and makes me question your own level of intelligence and ability to connect the dots (those numbered dots that when you drew a line from one number to the next made a fish in your bible study class when you were a kid).

The fact that you just voted and rejoiced in the passing in a law that Does JUST THAT. It gets into people houses and lives that are none of your concern. And don't bother quoting Lev to me again... I'm so sick of seeing that. Regardless of if its a sin or not, its GOD'S job to lay down the judgment and punishment as HE see's fit. It's also the sinners place to seek repentance and forgiveness. YOU sir have no place in that, that's between God and them.

"Let those who have NOT sinned, cast the first stone." Well sir, we are all sinners, I've sinned as i'm sure you have, but what i'm not going to do is care or concern myself with your sins, lifestyle choices, or wether you get into heaven or not, because its not my place. I'm going to concentrate on my own soul and my own actions in this world. I'm also not going to pass judgment on you. And while I'm sure this message more than speaks for the fact that I think your a tool, what i'm NOT going to do is pass a law that forces you to keep your mouth shut. I'd suggest you take your own advice and the advice your The Bible and stay out of peoples lives.


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