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Amendment One

So this goes to prove that factually State and Religion are not separate. Since gays are second class citizens they should not being paying the same taxes as straight or heterosexual people. This is the same mentality that was in place before blacks were considered equal. Discrimination proves the closed minds of the "citizens" that voted against this law. So when your abusive spouse wants to beat you silly I suggest you run to your minister so he can tell the abuser to stop. (Wow another joke right!!. When children cannot receive the services they need is the Church going to be there to provide the services that were taken away? I suspect you won't see the bible carrying people running over to assist them.

The citizens had best start thinking of what rights they are losing next!

I address this to our elected officials. When will you be informing the churches that they are no longer tax exempt? They cannot have it both ways...Can't say we're separate just for our purpose. There is no elected official that supported this amendment that can now honestly say "I represent the people". Now they will have to say I represent the closed minded heterosexual people of this state, and they support special interest. So when can we expect the new laws or admission that the elected officials know the difference between Church and State.

Finally you people that voted for this wonder why we're the laughing stock of this nation....seriously?


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