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amendement one comment

Way back when, people would have said i couldn't marry my husband because he is black...Way back when, he would have had to pick your damn cotton because of his color because the "people" in charge said so and now MOST people agree that way is not the right day equal rights for all will took a long time for Rosa Parks to refuse to give up her seat on that bus, it took a long time for people to sit at that famous restaurant counter and refuse to move and evidently it is taking a long time for people to see that ALL people deserve equal rights.....

A same sex relationship is not MY choice BUTTTT who I choose to marry and live with in my house should NOT be the Government's CHOICE and the people should not even vote on this.....If the damn government all of a sudden came and said you can't be with your signifigant other because of whatever it may be color, hair color,where they were born, money, same education, blah blah blah you would be fighting for your rights also.

It is sad that because it doesn't apply to you personally it doesn't matter. AMERICA should always matter !!!!............If every body can't have equal rights then those in charge should be trying to abolish equal rights for every one but we all know that won't happen because it affects the ones deciding.....IFFF God is judging on that fateful day then so be it but we should not !!!!!!!!!


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