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Wow, do I have to explain everything...

Listen MORON....This~"You shouldn't spend your time worrying about other people's lives like you can control the world" Was a quote from the person above me. Hence the quotation marks. I will spell it out for you next time. Jeez. Read first then comment. Second, I in fact did not vote for anything as I am currently in Afghanistan. Nor at any time have I said I was for this amendment. What I am against however is the negative stereotypes being used to describe the people that voted in favor of it. Go back and read my other post genius, I have stated that I am in fact NOT against gay marriage, nor against gays serving in the military. As to the verse from the bible, the above poster stated that it was a verse open to interpretation. So again I pointed out the verse and stated that it is in fact not. And quite frankly I could careless that you are tired of seeing the above stated verse, if you are so sick of reading it, STAY OFF THESE FORUMS GENIUS. Now prior to responding to this, READ THE DAMN THING.


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