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Incorrect completely...

First and foremost, for the billionth time; there is no such thing as seperation of church and state. Secondly, long before you and the rest of us whom are alive ever became part of this once great country, we had very intelligent people called; FOREFATHERS. Yes, these people wrote the constitution and the bill of right and even that other little document called the Declaration of Independence. They did not smoke pot and make peace signs and text and listen to rap and care much about anything the reformists called politicians are saying today. You see they are the only reason this country exists. Not because of the pompous arrogance of this sitting pres, no not hardly. These people set this country up so that it would not fail. One nation, under God. Nobody really cares what any of you have to say about religion. Before it became easy to talk crap about God, He was highy respected. Now you laugh at Him. Enjoy. Thats your problem when the time comes. For now, God is all anyone has ever had or will have. You young ones dont remember what a great coutry we were before the sixties when hippies and others started tearing at our fabric. Chaos is the norm now and all we have to talk about is something like this? Rome went down and so will we. Same scenario and noone learned what history has already proven, so sad.


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