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Glad that you felt the need to reply to a post directed at another person.

You and I are the totality of a billion years of evolution. The human body is amazing, but so are the bodies of monkeys and many other lower mammals. They all contributed in some way to the human species, the highest form on this planet, so far.

A few million years ago, humans did not exist. We were evolving. Viruses are evolving right now, at an alarming rate. That is why new strains of influenza or drug resistant viruses are appearing.

The evolutionary process involves trillions of mutations over millions of years. Some of the mutations are improvements, some are not. The poor ones fail.

The human reproductive process is very much the same as a snake, or bird, or dinosaur. All these animals have a male and female, need a fertilization procedure, gestate and give birth to a complex, small version of themselves. Even microbes reproduce. That is where we evolved from.

Just like our politics, there are two distinct beliefs about the origins of our species. As you can see I am an evolutionary, but I like discussing this with rational folks who have a different view. However, I have learned that it is very rare that either side will change their opinion.

Have a lovely day.


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