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"the people want to be gay

"the people want to be gay thats fine go be that you shoulnt have the same rights because its a sin, just as is adultry. its a slap to gods face"
No one chooses to be gay. You are ignorant if you think that they do. It is a slap in "god"'s face to be such a judgmental hypocrite. Didn't this same "god" say "love thy neighbor"???? Didn't this same "god" create everyone in "his" image???? If so than he is a bisexual, hermaphrodite who lusts after little children, murders etc... and don't even say that the "devil" is who make people like that. Because if everyone was made in "god"'s image they wouldn't be influenced by the "devil" just like "he" isn't.

"look we are a nation under god. start playing with god, we will be a a nation gone under . it leaves us vunarible in many way ex. take a look at the curan for instance. There should be no right about this will have devastating consiquinces to religious freedom"
1 its Koran.
2 Supporting Gay marriage doesn't leave us vulnerable at all. This is a FREE nation. Why should anyone be able to decide what 2 consenting adults can love each other? Why should said adults only allowed to be married if it is one man and one woman? Gay marriage will have no "devastating consequences to religious freedom" all it does is promote tolerance, and allow those that love each other to have that love legally recognized. Remember that law separating church and state, why should that not apply here. Why should religion get to have any part in whether or not it is legal for 2 men or 2 women to get married?

"if we let this happen gays get whatever it is they actually want"
Gays are humans just like the rest of us. All they want is to be accepted and not discriminated against. What is next? Deciding that that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations because Lev. 25:44 states that is ok??? If everything in the bible was followed and made law this nation would have been done for a long time ago. the only thing that will happen if we let "gays get whatever it is they actually want" is people like you will have to find something else to discriminate against.

"think about the next gereration your children will grow up thinking its ok to be gay ITS NOT OK open your eyes its much much more than a ring on a finger, or any benefits,or being equals" Your right it is about so much more. Including more than the genders involved. It is about love, commitment and devotion. And FYI everyone is created equal. And everyone deserves the same right to marriage. IT IS OK TO BE GAY. It is a natural thing. Maybe not in your mind but did you know that homosexuality is found in over 1500 species[], but homophobia is only found in one. Homosexuality is natural, homophobia is not.

"You will be judge for your actions mankind makes up rights this is not a right for us to make, this is gods rule and america is based on god"
You my friend will be judged for your actions and your words. In fact you are being judged right now by every person reading this. If it is not for mankind to make rights than how is it that mankind wrote the bible. It was written after the fact by men. Not by "god" or your supposed "savior jesus". America was never, ever based on "god" it was founded and created as a safe haven, a place for freedom of religious persecution from Great Britain. Before making such a statement maybe you should go back to basic history.

Your whole post was ignorant and hypocritical. I hope that you learn to open your heart and learn to love everyone for who they are. Not discriminate against them for not being who you think they should be. If "god" needs to help anyone its you.


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