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Im disgusted by some of the comments I am reading here. Never mind the ridiculous article by the reporter who feels he has to get a comment every 15 minutes, but to see Ilario attacked for his service to this country and for defending himself, as the evidence proved he did, is simply appalling. This is what's wrong with America today....too many good ol boys and Internet tough guys and not enough people willing to stand up for what's right.

A little home cooking went a long way last night. The Johnston county GOP is the political equivalent of a group of high school football players that stand around cheering as the quarterback forces himself on the head cheerleader only to claim they saw nothing when questioned by the cops. Those guys have got to go. They pushed their little buddy, the establishment guy, down our throat without giving Ilario a fair chance. That's how politics is all across this county, on all levels.....and we aren't going to take it any more.

Thank you, Ilario, for giving those of us who love this country and want to end the struggles caused by the political ruling class a voice. You're a great man, a great patriot, and a true American hero.


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