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It is about

It is about in NC in a same sex relationship for the past 14 yrs, we have been denied rights to make medical decisions for each other when one might not be able to. We have been lucky enough for both to work for a company, Interstate Hotels and Resorts, that is so progressive, that we were both able to claim one and other as dependents, and give each other medical insurance coverage. With such coverage when I was admitted to the hospital this weekend in complete renal failure, my partner was able to receive information about my care, but was not able to assist in making decisions as to my care. the people at New Hanover Regional Medical Center recognized our partnership and gave my partner full discloser and includrd him in all decisons that needed to be made. The staff at NHRMC need to be commended for their recognition of our relationship, no one batted an eye when I proclaimed Perry as my "partner". My Doctors spoke to him directly when I was a bit fuzzy, the nurses did as well, and formed a bond between him and me. We may have had this attention because of our insurance coverage, but I do not think so, what we experienced was a true validation of our 14 yr relationship by the professionals at NHRMC. If we were actually able to quote Beyonce "put a ring on it", we would. We ARE a couple and have been for 14 years, we are lucky enough to work for a company that recognizes our relationship, but wish that he stae we live in would.


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