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In 2 years

she'll be up for re-election.

She won't have a White House occupant to campaign or raise funds on her behalf, or provide a coat tail to slip and slide on into the office.

She won't have an occupant in the Governor's mansion out campaigning for her or raising funds.

Of course she sees the writing on the wall and is looking for every segment of the populace for which she can pander.

No doubt she'll be beating the drum over the unfair Colorado court ruling which will prohibit those who are undocumented from bearing fire arms.

Maybe she'll support the White House occupant's soon to be announced program to provide free Hyundais to all entitlement recipients. That one kills two birds. Gives those with their hands out another freebie; and repays the Koreans for all the millions they pumped into the 2008 campaign and will no doubt be pumping into the 2012 campaign.

She won't have Bush to point to. She won't have Elizabeth Dole to use as a foil.

It's wake up time for the opposition. You need to start now. Identify a viable electable candidate outside of the Democratic Party; support that candidate; raise funds for that candidate; and when the time comes, work the polls and phone banks to get that candidate elected.


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