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Jason Thompson

Well I guess the voters have spoken and that is as it should be. But be careful what you wish for. While I guess Jason could be abrasive at times, I think He did a good job in what is becoming an ever increasing difficult job to administer. While it is becoming ever more popular to be politically correct in making decisions that affect all of us, Jason, in my opinion resisted that forum as best He could. Everyone wants our government to perform due diligence in spending our tax dollar. Often times frugality is not an option in today's be a yes man for everyone society. Everyone wants something. Roads, water, sewer. Police, fire and great schools and medical amenities. Those are just some of the basics. I will not get into the extras. We all know what most of them are. Every different faction of our populous has their own list. The problem is no one wants to pay for them. Certain amenities, parks, recreation, the arts, things right down to pumping sand onto our beaches and maybe even building a baseball stadium are things that draw people and companies willing to invest here, and hopefully take some of the burden off of individuals who call New Hanover County and Wilmington home. I think Jason probably became frustrated sometimes and this may have been interpreted as arrogance, bullying or whatever. I define that as being competitive and focused on what He believes in for our county. Did He bat a 1000 in all of his decisions? No. But I believe He was a solid hitter and truly had his constituents best interests at heart. I hope whoever His replacement is has the same ability to be prepared for discussion, debate and the intestinal fortitude to carry out the tough decisions forthcoming for New Hanover County.


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