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"As if the history of North Carolina isn't filled with bigotry and hate, segregation and intolerance, it was again given a chance to take a step backwards. That is all that this vote did for the people in this state. First it was black people and the federal government had to step in to make a change."

You do know there was segregation even in the Northeastern US at one time don't you? Might want to read up on that. It just ended sooner. There have also been race riots that would compare to anything that occurred in the South. Check into the New York City Draft Riots. You mentioned the savior that was the federal government - the same federal government that was itself officially segregated (federal offices, military forces, etc) until 1948. A de facto segregation carried on in the fed for several years afterward. If you think the Northeast is a bastion of racial tolerance today, you live a sheltered life. The NYPD in the last two decades: shoved a plunger up the colon of a black man, shot a black man for reaching for his wallet, shot a groom for leaving his bachelor party, a NYPD officer shot an black officer who was off duty, etc. Going in reverse, a black man shot up the train to Long Island back in the 90s. Oh, can't forget the Crown Heights riot in 1991. In Boston, a still highly segregated city by choice, in 1976, a black lawyer was beaten by a man using an American flag pole for walking by an anti-busing protest.


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