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Being from Johnston county I can tell you it actually WAS a bunch of ignorant rednecks that chose to elect Rouzer, a career politician. Pantano won 8 of 12 counties, only losing drastically in Johnston where Rouzer is from. Having seen first hand how many people in Johnston county were not able to understand why David was not on their democrat ballot I can assure you that this race was decided by a bunch of people oblivious to how government works. Facts are stubborn things, and you may want to invest in a few before you attempt to form an opinion. Rouzer had the help of a good ol boy network the likes of which would make Bev Perdue and Barack Obama jealous. The GOP establishment would not give Pantano the courtesies a neutral party should allow all candidates of their primary but rather pushed Rouzer down the throats of those who recognized his name due to the fact.....there is that word again....the fact that Rouzer is a career politician. Rouzer is an establishment guy who plans to remain in office for eternity if possible. He is the epitome of what is wrong with party politics today. He may have my vote now, but it's a vote I will cast with my head hung low and with sadness in my heart....all the while looking to 2014 when we can replace him. Choosing between him and McIntyre is like deciding if you want to step in dog crap or in horse crap....either way it's gonna stink, but one is easier to clean up after than the other.


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