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Do this and I'll pay more taxes!

First, get the lifetime entitlement recipients back to work and off the govenment dole. Reduce section 8 housing benefits and cut food stamps to those that really need it. I'm sick and tired of watching people push two carts of groceries bought by EBT cards to load up their new shiney Lexus while talking on their 200 dollar iPhone.

Second, get the illegal aliens of the government dole, out of American jobs (this will help those above), out of our hospitals and stop paying for their medical care, baby farming and prison terms.

PUT A STOP to the above two actions and I'll be happy to pay more in taxes! Until then, I'll fight to keep every 3/4 cent the state tries to wrangle out of my pocket!!! You piss money away like it grows on trees and expect to make up for it by taxing the people that are actually being productive to give it to those that aren't! What is wrong with you?

If you do a little research as to where the money is REALLY going, you'll understand exactly why the Repulicans want to cut spending. There are two very easy and very effective methods described above!


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