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Aren't there enough schools,

Aren't there enough schools, firehouses, libraries and other public facilities in which to conduct voting? Why is chruch property used for public elections in the first place?

The church, according to my understanding of our Constitution does have the right to express itself. How is this church's posting on its sign any different from partisan workers holding signs and handing out voters' guides at any other polling place?

I am neither a fan of the periodic massing of political signage on all of our roadsides during election seasons but I am pleased to see how quickly they are removed after the election.

I'm certain that I am not alone when I say that my mind is made up before I go to the polling place. A road sign has never changed how I would vote, nor would a party worker at the entry of a voting place.

I am sure that the message on this sign did not contribute to the super-majority by which Amendment One passed.


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