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You're lucky thats all that happened

In many foreign countries he may have been thrown into their jail for violating their laws. 17 or not, he would have been locked up . Parents..its YOUR FAULT and YOUR RESPONSIBILITY that he violated the common sense rules of no alcohol on the trip. And if he had never been on a plane before you choose to send him on an OVERSEAS trip without YOU to chaperone him for the first time?!! Really? I doubt that. My children have flown since infants and my both my children have flown ALONE since they were 10-11 years old. The difference is they KNOW if they violate rules there are consequences. Do your son a FAVOR and hold HIM REPONSIBLE and stop trying to pass off your bad parenting to someone else. And if you say "he's old enough to go on an overseas school trip", then he's old enough for the consequences. This is absurd. PARENTS: STOP teaching your kids to be helpless and victims. Start teaching them to be RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE. This story is ridiculous


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