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Home Alone 4

Dr Phil would agree with me that this situation was handled wrong. It may not be his fault, that he chose not to obey the rules. Maybe he was expressing his inner self.

Instead of striking at him, and hurting him, they should have been more positive. They should have "reminded" him of the rules. And maybe threaten to inform his parents. They overreacted by using the outdated means of 'Direct Punishment'.

I hope they fire every school employee involved in this incident. I hope the District Attorney, and the Spanish officals arrest and lock up, the horrible adults, who would leave this poor boy, alone, on a plane to "fend himself".

I hope he will get therapy, and realize how proud we are that he bravely flew alone. All by himself. I'm sick of these stupid Christians, trying to hold people accountable. Dr Phil is a much more groovy guy then Billy Graham. I hope his New Age parents sue the school for millions of dollars.

Maybe we can make a TV documentory, or even a movie, about this terrible incident.


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