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Thank you for understanding

Yes, I never disagreed with them sending Robert home... I disagreed with how it was done. The contract read that they could send him back to the US but that they would see him on the plane. When they called my husband and I, they said they were dropping him off at the airport and he was on his own! What would of happened if his plane was delayed or flight cancelled. He does not speak the language and had limited funds on him, not to mention no cell phone to communicate with us. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for teenagers to expermiment with alcohol, and he definately got punished from us as we do not condone drinking; but that does not excuse the way it was handled. And that was another concern about WHERE WERE THE CHAPERONES... where he was able to purchase alcohol. Oh by the way, with the admittance of the assistant pricipal, Mr. McDuffy, teachers and students purchased alcohol and brought it back to the states on their last years trip to Paris - even though they were told not too! A full investigation was done by the Board of Education and found this to be a true fact! As well as a teacher this year purchased alcohol on this school trip and brought it back... of course disiplinary action was taken but not shared with us. There is plenty more to the story but of course limited on the news.


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