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WOW! I'm personally Appalled by the comments that have been left in reference to the Kent's. They happen to be very close friends of mine and I know they are great Parents. Before we place judgement on people maybe, we should know the FULL story. Not saying that purchasing alcohol under age is ok which, btw his Parent's did't agree with either.... The problem is, he was 17 at the time and should have NEVER been put out at an airport unattended when the Chaperones were buying alcohol themselves. Not exactly reassuring to send our kids on trips when the ones we trust with their safety are purchasing Alcohol as well. So, whatever happened to setting the proper example for our children. The Kent's are the ones that had a Chaperone, escort their child back to the States. The school had NOTHING to do with that.. As I stated before, Let's not BASH people before we know the FACTS! If it were one of your children I'm sure the comments that were left would have read much differently.:)


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