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Delta allows 5 year olds to fly alone.

Are you serious? Ok here is what we know...


1) This was a SCHOOL trip, and school policy's were to be enforced.
2) There was a contract which you signed.
3) Your son is underage and in possession of alcohol on a SCHOOL trip.
4) He was sent home.
5) The plane was NOT delayed.
6) The plane was NOT cancelled.
7) The child (cant say young man in this case) made it home safe.
8) Delta and many other airlines allow children as young as 5 to travel alone on a non stop flight.
9) The parents are looking to get rich, with a bogus lawsuit.
10) Look at how their story has changed throughout this forum. First it was that their son was left alone. Then some idiot lawyer decided that last years trip which has nothing to do with the Kent's should be brought into it. Now mom is even bringing it up.
11) If mom does not blame her son for being a lawbreaker (breaking into cars, drinking etc), then mom also shouldn't blame the school system for enforcing the rules.
12) Who cares about what happened last year.
13) Who cares anyway. The infant...errrr...toddler...errr...i mean child made it home.

Give it a rest mom. Your son is drinking underage and breaking into cars. That should tell you right there that something is wrong.

Oh wait, time to blame the person for owning the car that got broke into.

You can't be serious. Time for your little man to grow up and stand on his own. HE IS FINE AND AT HOME!!!!! GET OVER IT ALREADY AND STOP EMBARRASSING HIM. WHILE YOUR AT IT TELL HIM TO STOP EMBARRASSING YOU!


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