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Honestly, I would love to

Honestly, I would love to punch every one of you who has called Robert or Robert's parents ignorant, stupid, or whatever. This family is very respectful, and for you to insult them like this, when you have no idea how it all went down, makes you look completely stupid yourself. I went to Spain as well with the group, and I even roomed with Robert. He's one of the friendliest guys I know. You all think he's a terrible person for buying some freaking alcohol? He was about a month away from being 18 when this occurred, and if I recall correctly, the drinking age in the United States was 18 until 1984. With that being said, my point is, obviously at 18, you are mature enough to drink some alcohol. Sure, the age is now 21, but what I'm saying is, so what if he bought some alcohol? Yeah, it was against school rules, but even good people break rules sometimes? We had free time, and he bought a bottle? BIG DEAL. When the teachers found it on him, it was UNOPENED. So take the dang bottle, throw it out, and just take his free time away? At least he still would've gotten to experience Spain for 2 more days, which he payed a huge sum of money for? And whether you all agree or not, sending him home from a country that didn't even speak our language is screwed the hell UP. As for his old record that some of you brought up, I spoke with Robert about it, and he told me that he didn't break into any cars, and that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I believed him 100%. Before all of you ignorant idiots comment on a post about a kid who you don't know, but who you think you know because you can read about him a news article, do some more research first. I know Robert personally, so I can tell you that all the insults and names you are calling him,and his family do not fit their traits one bit. And to the one who said something about throwing the teacher under the bus, you are one idiot. A teacher bought alcohol last year, and so did some students, and you're trying to say it was wrong by telling the board of education on them? What's wrong about that? The teachers didn't follow the rules last year, and it sounds to me like you think they shouldn't have to because they are of age to buy alcohol. Well, it was a school trip as you keep trying to say, so no matter who it is, is Robert got sent home from a 2500$ trip for buying alcohol, then why didn't those people who bought alcohol last year get punished? Mr. & Mrs. Kent, I'm telling you now, you are doing the right thing by taking this to court. Your son is a great friend of mine, and all the people who say he is a bad kid for a little mistake like that can get a life. They don't know him like you two do, and like I do. I wish you guys the best of luck. You at least deserve the trip's money back, and even the money you had to use to pay for an escort.


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