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Protection,yes. Guns? maybe.

Yes, please, tell citizens to arm themselves so that there will be more deaths. Honestly, we definitely need that(This was sarcasm). I do believe that there were complications in the robbery that lead up to the shooting, but of course I have no way to prove this. It's only speculation. And yet I still wouldn't advise people to carry around guns so they can "defend themselves." When they try to "defend themselves," they'll end up killing others and causing more bloodshed. I do believe we should have protection and the only reason I'm even commenting on this is because I don't think EVERYONE should carry weapons. These people I believe killed out of desperation, not cold blood, although they may have been mad at this person since they were bragging about it recently. However, there are people who WOULD kill out of cold blood in this county. I know this because I know one or two myself. And I'm not talking about the mentally ill.
Well, that was a reason, and the other reason is: If you shoot first and ask questions later, you WILL go to jail. And I know one of the accused and do not believe him capable of killing out of anything besides desperation or fear. It's not a good image to be shaking a shotgun after some kids who came into your yard to get their ball that rolled away. What if you just see them messing in the bushes but you don't see the ball? What will you do then? Shoot, then ask questions?
As opposed as I am to this being necessary, I do agree that SOME people, who know how to use a gun, like you said, should carry protection. But you know, a cell phone could help too. 911 anyone?


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