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TO the "guest" who is so

TO the "guest" who is so appalled about people having guns for protection, you're an idiot. No one in their right mind would shoot at a kid for a ball rolling in their yard. You break into someone's house, don't expect a good outcome. I know teenagers are impulsive, but really?! How can anyone condone this heinous act? Or make excuses for them? It is sad that they will most likely spend a good chunk if not all of their life in jail. They have to pay the consequences for their actions. That's what's wrong with kids now, they have no consequences for their behavior. And, I'm sick of excuses. "Oh, they've had a hard life." "Oh, they are poor." What the hell gives them the right to take from others who have worked hard for what they have. My dad and all of his brothers and sisters grew up dirt poor. They were beaten, made fun of, they had to stay in an orphanage for a while becasue my grandparents couldn't afford to feed and clothe them....they had a really rough life. But, you know what? They all worked hard and became successful in life. They worked hard tor what they had, not trying to take the easy route and steal it from others.


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