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Whatever?? More deaths could


More deaths could be a good thing for society. I'd much rather see the three attackers dead than the victim. Very sad it didn't go down like that. If you're truely "defending yourself" as you say and an attacker / criminal dies that's unfortunate, but one less scumbag society has to deal with.

You say "they killed out of desperation, not cold blood"....who gives a crap why they murdered that man, they admitted it. A quick trial, rope and nearest tree is about all they deserve.

Another piece of advice.... When seconds count the police are only minutes away!

The only thing lowbrows like these three idiots understand is pain and fear.

Arm yourselves and let's start blasting some of these criminals on a regular basis, it's time we the law-adbidding citizens take matters into our own hands. Protect youself, your family and your property I say.


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