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Frankly they are idiots.

Frankly they are idiots. Dumb if you ask me. Whether he was in the car, garage, walking back and forth down the street to look out. He was at the scene of the crime knowing that they were going to at least start trouble. Maybe there intentions were to rob him, maybe it was to scare him. We don't know. But!!!the fact is they all knew that they were going there for whatever reason they went. When the gentlemen got killed then they all were responisble because all were involved. regardless of who pulled the trigger, thats the way it is. Being in the car does'nt justify him as innocent. He knew why they were there. I always say this, but put yourself in the shoes of the family the man who was killed. Then you wouldn't,"You should let the one in the car go because he was possibly the driver, but he wasn't in here when it happened." You would want everyone whatever their involvment. Its just sad that it had to take a turn the way it did. But my heart goes out to them, because their lives are over and their so young.


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