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Student son~

Irks is spelled with an "I", as in "irks", not erks!

However, neither word is an intelligent discriptive choice of words in the English language to convey your negative emotional state. Can you find another word that may show your intelligence?

Always capitalize the word God, unless when speaking or writing about false gods.

Hatein is not a word! Don't use it just because your siblings and peers do.

Set yourself apart and strive for higher ideals. Acting and sounding intelligent is not a bad thing, except in the ghetto. If you live in the ghetto, strive for higher ideals. Don't use words like hatein.

Don't use your disability as a handicapp.

If you think you can be intimidated, then you surely can be intimidated, as you posted your intimidation from a complete stranger.

You may want to try to be tougher, and more resilient.

You are going to need to be very thick skinned with a disorder like dyslexia.

Use each and every perceived "discount" as a LEARNING OPPORTUNITY to measure your success rate at growth with this disorder, and vow to work harder.
Read the autobiographies of Americans that overcame physical, emotional, and learning disabilities. It will inspire you.

(Okay, I have anticipated your rebuttal on subcombing to illiteracy, so ask your mommy to use her iPad, and choose audiobook and listen, rather than force yourself to try to read...and chance frustration!)

Then, read the biographies of foreign dignitaries who overcame all odds to make it in life, without being weak crybabies.

Your parents (or single mom), should encourage you to "shake it off" and not continuously perceive that you are being "Bullied".

It is apparent that you feel as if you are being 'picked-on, so plan to just get used to it as it will never end, especially if you believe you are a "victim"
BTW, read about the great Americans who overcame learning disabilities first, so that you can speak about why America WAS exceptional.


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