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Ok I understand why people

Ok I understand why people who were raised a certain way or are religious would be against gay marriage, I get that...what I don't get is how they can't empathize AT ALL for a gay couple who regardless of whether they are married or not will do all the same things as married couples: live together, raise children together, pay taxes, be unhappy and eventually grow old and die. Why shouldn't they at least get the same benefits as a man and a woman when it comes to health insurance, tax breaks, etc... Really, I think that's where the dividing line becomes blurred. Is this really a moral issue or a discrimination issue? Some could say both, and really if there were no such thing as "God" and the bible I'd say the latter. What makes me chuckle about the whole thing is you can say that it's the sanctity of marriage that's at stake here, and that man and man and woman and woman is just so against the sanctity of marriage...Well guess what? Half of those sacred marriages and promises made under God end in divorce! So really, who believes that marriage really means anything other than getting cheaper health insurance and tax breaks? If they made getting married HALF as difficult and excruciating as getting a divorce maybe I would hold it to a higher standard of respect. As for now, with how easy it is to get married for some yet illegal for others, I'll have to politely chuckle at all of you "winners" out there that are "normal"


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