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What next? Law that allows

What next? Law that allows marriage to be between a man and 3 women or vice versa or a man that likes teens? Its a sexual preference and who people love. It's what they "gay supporters" keep saying. It is a sexual preference, right. Bullcrap!! Just because society is changing the way that issue are viewed and gays are more accepted, does not make it right. If we start changing things that have been a traditionally and fundamental base of our country then we have to change for all and what a can of worms or should I say vipers that will open. I have gay friends but still don't agree with some of their ways. People keep saying this ain't the 50s no more but we would not be voting on this crap if it were. Can't understand how it can be right cause if God wanted man and man together or woman and woman then how would we procreate. It takes a mans and woman's organs and body parts to make babies, not two with same parts. We could have all been men or just women but not! Adam and Eve were created!!


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