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Missippi should not be proud

While I think Gov. Purdue's statement was unfortunate, any state, including Missippi, that has a very poor history on tolerance and race relations should be mindful of their propensity to discriminate against minorities. Gov. Purdue is right in stating this new ammendment is most unfortunate. I personally do not agree with homosexual relationships but the bill is not about that. It is about denying the rights of those who do agree with homosexual relationships. I am not being asked to divorce my wife and marry a man. I am being asked to support the right of others to their constitutional right; Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Two women getting married does not interfere with my rights! Not allowing them to does interfere with their rights. So even if we don't look like Missippi and Missippi doesn't look like us, or does; we look ignorant, backwards, and biggotted. So who didn't know that?
Finally, I couldn't support the law because it does not protect so much as it discriminates. Think about it. It doesn't just define marriage; it outlaws other kinds of relationships. It speak to the shame of hypocrits in North Carolina including Billy Graham.


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