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There is a BIG difference between the two of us

There is a BIG difference between the two of us. I was raised right, played sports, went to school, have a degree, have a great career and life. I chose the right people to hang out with and have the greatest friends in the world. I chose the right path in life.

He chose the wrong path, his family didn't care he was in a gang as they knew about it and knew his death was gang related. He had nothing going for him, being in a gang. Up to no good with drugs.

Yes we are all created the same way but it's the choices we make in life.

Also to set you straight I do know god, we have completely different beliefs in life. He caused his own death by being in a gang, guns, drugs etc. The three strikes (gangs, gun, & drugs). He chose that life, no one chose it for him. So no I have no sympathy for him nor his family. 1 - He chose that path in life 2- His family did nothing about it.

No i am not a sick individual I am just one who states the truth, tells it like it is! Like it or not its the truth. :)


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