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Every time one of these thugs comess to a tragic end ...

... someone like YOU pops up to tell the rest of us how wrong WE are. I, for one, am really sick of it.

You always claim to have the inside track on God (God's Number 7 is a good example of that) and always claim that we're the haters.

I guess you've forgotton the stories from your Bible where God destroyed almost the entire world with the flood or destroyed entire cities that were in the way of the Israelites claiming the land of Caanan. That sound like "God is love" to you? And you have the nerve to say others know nothing about God. Except you, of course.

There is a big difference between a poster like Abby and this young man. He was a criminal and chose to be one, not Abby.

The streets didn't consume him, he did this to himself by choosing a negative lifestyle. Others who were close to him did little to prevent that. Is that someone else's fault too?

No one is consumed by hatred. There are a lot of people though that are probably relieved that a person who deliberately chose to live a criminal lifestyle is no longer in a position to harm others.

Blaming everyone else simply encourages more bad behaviour. Instead, try learning from a tragedy like this and work towards preventing it from happening again. I don't pretend to speak for God but I would like to think that's the kind of thing He would want us to do.


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