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"I am quite sure the family did not ask you for your sympathy." Well guess what dear, I didn't ask for your opinion either, but you gave it and I gave mine. You judge me to be a racist, because that is all your narrow liberal mind could come up with, and I judge him to be a thug. See how it works? At first I assumed you were just another hypocrite, tree hugging, bleeding heart liberal. But the more posts I read of yours, the more I have come to the conclusion that you are just full ^%#% all together. However I really liked the line "One thing about life death will come and it doesn't matter how you go or what people think its hard for the family" How very deep and insightful that was. I would have never known that death would follows life. What a surprise! By the way can you please learn to use some punctuation? It doesn't have to always be correct, just readable would be nice.


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