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People become insensitive to the criminals that...

...choose to steal, rape, rob, murder and pillage innocent citizens! You want sensitivity? You want compassion? You want respect? Get a job! Pay your taxes! Pay for your healthcare! Pay for your insurance! Get OFF the government dole! And for Gods sake HELP your fellow man instead on intentionally committing crimes against him, his family and is property!

You're correct! There is "...something in a world where a life is taken..." You know what that is, it's the criminals that have no morals, no boundaries, no compassion and DO NOT care if YOU die during the commission of their selfish crimes! They are in and out of courtrooms on a daily basis with a huge grin on their face knowing they've skated once again. There's a start for you. Perhaps now you can become a philosopher.

Does any of this ring a bell with your 3rd brain cell, or has it made it past the first one yet? THINK!!!


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