How can it be put gently? Our entire society is caveat emptor. This woman is clearly cut from the same cloth as those who honestly believe there is a prince in Nigeria who has chosen them, one of billions of people on the internet, to get his money to America or whatever they say.

Fortunately for her, I doubt this woman has internet or could utilize it anyway. God forbid she got a hotmail or, worse even, inducted the vast land of lies known as craigslist; poor thing's life savings would be depleted before the first internet bill came - "I thought it was my opportunity to get ____ cheap or even free." You get whaty you pay for most times.

Seriously, I get about a dozen "very misleading" offers in my gmail daily and even before I grasped the scope of the internet's many lies, frauds, and "1 little secret" ads I still avoided them because I know nothing is free and even then good deals won't come seeking you unless there are strings attached.

But maybe I should contact the Pender Co. Sheriff, I just filled out this "survey" that asked me for all of my personal info and it says right there I would get a free iPad! yet it hasn't showed.

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