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I did actually try to report things

But as you know Charlie Warren was running Brunswick DSS at the time so complaining to BDSS was hopeless.. I know myself and others did complain to Raleigh but the dirty sad truth there is big money in these private facilities which brings up the issue of money changing hands. Please dont confuse the facility known as Yahweh Center which does amazing work with younger children and at times has struggled financially just to make ends meet (they put the kids and what they need well ahead of the bottom line and putting money in the wallets of management). Alot of times the "behavorial" staff that SBC had working for them they would mass hire and hope out of 20 people they might keep 3 or 4 of them.

As I said many of us tried to to the right thing but believe me certain people were spies and if there was any indication you were a 'rat' they got rid of you under bogus reasons claiming you violated some obscure policy which you were never 'written' up for. Essentially with the economy being as bad as it was back 3 yrs ago it was try to do the right thing secretly while appearing to keep your mouth shut.. Admittedly some of the teens had legit pysch issues but Id dare say a majority of the males in the facility ended up there as an alternative to Detention sentences with them pumping the kids full of meds that we'rent approved for use in minors which left more then a few with concerning issues (take their meds and would literally walk around stoned and mentally glazed over all day).

Eventually I had had enough and additionally I had family which got a job offer out of the area which made leaving that much easier but I still hope and pray for those teens each and everyday and hope that the right thing will happen one day to that facility


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