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The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability is just another...

..left wing, tree-hugging, anti-nuclear opposition group. They know very little about nuclear energy and not much more about sea turtles. The Bruswick plant is a major industrial power generating station supplying the huge power demands to this local region. If a sea turtle happens to find its way into the cooling water intakes, it isn't the power plants fault as this article intentionally implies.

So Scott, tell us all as to how your article can actually place pointed blame for the deaths of these turtles? Your writers attempt to make Progress Energy appear as turtle axe-murderers. Not a fair picture to paint by any means. Your credibility as a locally reliable news reporting agency is quickly dwindling. Yeah, the headline grabbed my attention, you got me and you can thank me for "...visiting your website." Fine...

Be it known that hundreds of turtles die every year along our coastline to a variety of accidents to include, shallow water entrapment, boating accidents and commercial fishing nets, which are all unintentional accidents. This will always occur and is not preventable. Perhaps you can clarify and substantiate your statistics on the purposeful, willfull and intentional murdering of the endangered sea turtles? If you can't do that, try having your writers to base their headlines and articles more on fact rather than sensational, eyepopping and breathtaking headlines.

The deaths of the turtles was a completely unintentional accident...bottom line.


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