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Pat Delair

Wow ! I can't believe this is happening to this woman. Why hasn't any of the news on television, online or newspaper shown Pat Delair's misfortunes properly? I mean, if you are going to make someone sound dishonest right before an election, shouldn't you have to explain their circumstances? I don't see anyone doing that except here on this blog. I remember first reading about her with the imminent domain issue, and I thought what a horrible situation to be in. Now, I read here that the property should be investigated by the EPA or something, because of stuff left there by someone other than herself? What terrible luck!!! Aren't all you business people glad that never happened to you? You should be. Now--the woman is sick? No wonder, she probably has worried herself sick. Many are saying, "Kick em' when they're down" and I have to agree. She is being beaten down not only by her fellow council members, but the media as well. The media is supposed to be fair and unbiased and reflect all aspects of a story. I wonder why they aren't doing that with this story? Should we expect the same from our council members? I don't even know this woman, but you can bet I will be voting for her now because I hate to see people treated as she has been. When something happens financially that you are unable to control due to no fault of yours, why should that reflect negatively on you? This could have happened to anyone, Council members should keep that in mind before making such harsh judgments! And, even worse....then voicing them to the public! Sounds to me like she in NOT dishonest, just UNLUCKY...there is a HUGE difference!


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