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Something for Nothing

The bottom line is everything is being based on what could be. So lets look at What is. Fact is They don't have the money to do the project. Fact is the city will have to pay 2/3 of the loan. That will be a given exspence that the city will have to pay period. That means more expences. Why? If someone wants a team here then it should be 100% private owned. Why should 6 people make a decision for thousands of people to put more responciblity on our current tax dept. I bet if the council say ok well do it. But for the thirty years any profits that is made goes to the city till the loan is paid. How come we dont see this. Is it not fair since we the taxpayers are flipping 2/3 of the bill. Our local taxes are going up. Why are they not going down. If the cities six council members and not the thousand of residents wants to do private ventures why not make money and have it applied to there operational and improvement to services to reduce the tax burden on the taxpayer who they are elected to serve. Our City Counsil need to think of how to reduce our taxes, not taking on projects to increase it cause we all know prices goes up and they will need more money to sustain current services. Which in turn mean the will be crying like babies they need more taxes and anex more area to increase the tax revenue.

At the end of the day we need to change our spending habits. If you dont have the money on hand. Then you dont need it. Our city-county-state-federal leaders need to adopt this. Instead of planing on what you going to get, plan on what is currenly on hand in the bank. If I dont have the money in the bank to buy food guess what, I dont get to buy it. TBH why base budget on next years tax revenue. They should base bugets on last years collections and what is currently in the bank. This way they would never over spend and it would give them a year to collect taxes owed. Is this how we are not paid on a two week rotation. You are always a week or two in the hole when one works for a company?


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